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StageSong - Full Programme Description


  • To provide a vocational and enriching experience for the composition components of GCSE, BTEC and A level music courses.
  • To develop skills and improve the quality of coursework.
  • To widen the context of ‘the craft of composition’.
  • To stretch students out of their comfort zone.
  • To help students ‘find an individual voice’ and nurture confidence in their creativity.
1. INSET day – in the format of a’ Skills Share’ for the teachers and composers to meet. 
2. Theatre Visit to a musical of each teacher’s choice
3. Workshop programme - between 5 – 7 sessions, delivered by a composer/lyricist: 
 - to support the composition of individual 3-5 minute songs (a solo or duet), or a 15- 20   minute ‘mini- musical’ (written as a whole class). 
 - to introduce the world of the musical; storytelling; the role of the song; a character’s journey, motivations; song placement etc.  
The penultimate session will be with 2 singers and the composer to hear draft songs and provide feedback.
4. Submission of final compositions -  The teacher and composer submit a shortlist of songs/musicals to the Musical Director.  Songs should be recorded, with accompaniment, using Cubase or Logic, ideally with a notated version (using Sibelius or Finale).
5. Showcase:  The programme culminates in a shared performance at a West End theatre of a selection of songs / mini musicals from each school, performed by professional singers and critiqued by a panel of distinguished music critics, composer/lyricists and singers.
StageSong is supported by a written pack, a series of short videos illustrating the composition process, and a CD with examples of exercises.  
Availability:  Spring term 2018
Cost:  £450 plus £8 per theatre ticket
'The trip (to the showcase) was so enriching and an absolutely invaluable opportunity for the students to be presenting as part of this phenomenal showcase.  The students will always remember this experience and the judges motivational and developmental  critique will stay with them for a very long time.' Parent, Thamesmead School

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Mousetrap Theatre Projects
33 Shaftesbury Avenue,

Visitors: Entrance is on Rupert Street

t: 020 7632 4111
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Registered charity number 1053434

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